Constitution of the Parents’ & Friends’ Association of Bunscoil Chríost Rí

Section One - Name and Membership

  1. The Association shall be known as “The Parents’ & Friends’ Association of Bunscoil Chríost Rí” and shall hereinfafter be known as Parents’ & Friends’ Association”.

  1. Membership shall be open to the parents and guardians of all children attending Bunscoil Chríost Rí and to other members of the local community who have the best interest of the school at heart.

Section Two - Aims of the Association

  1. To foster an increasing and effective spirit of co-operation between   parents, pupils, teachers and management.

  1. To ensure that parents are kept informed of all that is happening in the life of the school.

  1. To contribute to the advancement of the education of the pupils through the organisation of Adult Education Classes.

  1. To act as an advisory body to the School Principal in areas of mutual interest.

  1. The running expenses of the Association shall be grant-aided from school funds through an annual budget.

The association cannot at any time either as a body or as individuals interfere with the internal running of the school as laid down by the Department of Education and./or with the staff as a body or with any individual member of it in the carrying out of his/her professional work in the classroom.

Section Three - The Structure and Composition of the Council

The Annual General Meeting of the Parents’& Friends’ Association shall take place no later than October 30th of the new school year.

  1. The first meeting of the Association following the Annual General Meeting shall elect the following officers: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. It may also create and elect members to any other office deemed necessary to the efficient functioning of the Association.

  1. Any member seeking election must be proposed and seconded. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Each member will have one vote.

  1. Duration of officers - maximum of two consecutive years.

  1. If a member misses three consecutive committee meetings without a valid reason, s/he shall be deemed to have resigned.

Section Four - Finance

  1. An account will be opened in the name of Parents’ & Friends’ Association of Bunscoil Chríost Rí.

  1. The Treasurer shall keep the Association account and shall keep the members informed of all expenditure and credits.

  1. All payments are to be authorised by both the Chairperson and Treasurer, or another member nominated by the Association for this purpose.

  1. Any expenses incurred by members of the Association shall be reimbursed.

  1. In the event of the Association’s dissolution, power of attorney shall pass to the Board of Management with the proviso that resources be disposed of at the discretion of the Board of Management.

Section Five - Rules of Procedure

  1. The Association shall meet at least six times a year, on an agreed pre-arranged night.

  1. A special meeting may be called when so requested by six delegates provided at least two days’ notice is given to all members.

  1. The rules of the Constitution may only be changed at a special AGM and only then when voted in by a two-thirds majority.

  1. A Quorum at any meeting shall consist of six members.

  1. The Agenda for all meetings is read and approved at the subsequent meetings.

  1. Association members may submit topics for discussion to the Secretary or the Chairperson some seven days in advance of the meetings.

  1. The Secretary shall record the minutes, which are read and approved at the subsequent meetings.

  1. The Chairperson shall rule out of order all matters that do not confirm to the aims of the Association, do not pertain to the question before the meeting, or to the business of the meeting.

  1. Only motions ruled in order by the Chairperson will be accepted under ‘Any Other Business’.

  1. A subject requiring confidentiality shall cause the following motion to be proposed: The Association requires of the members that the topic of ........ under discussion in the ...... of ..... shall be held in strictest confidence by them, until the Association shall rule otherwise.

The motion shall be seconded and passed by a clear majority. If a member of the committee is deemed to be in breach of confidentiality or discredits the Association in any way he or she forfeits the right to remain on the committee and the Executive Committee reserves the right to terminate the membership. This person may never again sit on the committee.

  1. Guests may be invited to address the Association meetings once a majority of the members are in favour.

A motion of ‘no confidence’ may be tabled for any ordinary meeting and shall be proposed and seconded in the normal manner.

  1. A motion of ‘no confidence’ shall be passed if two-thirds majority are in favour

  1. An Association member in whom a vote of no confidence has been passed is deemed to have resigned and shall withdraw from the Association.

  1. The vacancy thus arising shall be filled within one calendar month in accordance with SECTION ONE (2) AND SECTION THREE (2).

12. The Association has the authority to co-opt members to fill any vacancies that may arise.